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Tiny Tigers Karate

A fun introduction to beginner martial arts for preschoolers ages 3 to 4. Skills, drills, and games teach important values and a positive attitude

At Proactive Tiny Tigers Karate your child will learn martial arts-based activities in a fun, active and safe environment with friendly, qualified Instructors.

We cater to each child's individual abilities using skill-based games, listening techniques and incentive rewards. We believe in success for all students and every child can excel in this program, which is important as it develops confidence and self-esteem through an earned sense of accomplishment.

So why not come down to the club and try it out for free?  We offer each child a free lesson so they can have a go!

Life Skills

Taking turns, managing emotions, following directions, teamwork, self-esteem, attention span and a positive attitude

  • Basic Martial Arts skills

  • Develop gross/fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and depth perception

  • Practical applications for parent/child communication

  • How to encourage respect, confidence and discipline through positive reinforcement

Graduated Levels

Classes are broken into smaller sections, allowing children to grasp each component - their confidence increases every time something new is learned.

In addition, your child will earn coloured stripes on their belts, recognising attendance and achievement. All of our confidence-building exercises also help to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Through our philosophy of positive reinforcement, and the interaction with instructors and children, your child will develop the security and confidence to accept separation from you, be more focused and attentive, and ready for the upcoming road ahead in school.

Fun While Learning

Unlike other children's activities, Proactive's Tiny Tigers get a perfect blend of fun and learning. We provide a one-of-a-kind choice for parents who wish to make sure that their child's future is one filled with confidence and success, as well as an exciting and healthy adventure along the way.

Proactive Martial Arts - Tiny Tigers Karate - Kids Martial Arts Christchurch

What the program has to offer

About Tiny Tigers Karate

This programme has been created especially for preschool children and is designed to help each child grow and equip them with skills that will help them in school, around the house, with friends and in situations where they may have to stand up for themselves.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved focus, concentration and self-control

  • Increased confidence

  • Respect for self and others

  • Improved coordination and balance

  • Increased attention span

  • Fun social outlet

  • Involvement in a team setting

  • Establishing a regular exercise routine at an early age

  • Learning a skill that is not only a sport but a way of protecting yourself

Find a class near you

107 Blenheim Rd, Riccarton, Christchurch

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