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Update: 29/05/2020 12:30pm

Dear Proactive Family

It has been wonderful to see your smiling faces again, thank you for being so accommodating of our temporary changes!

With the announcement from the Government that we can now have 100 people in the facility under this stage of Alert Level 2, we are very happy to let you know we can resume normal class times again as of this Saturday the 30th May.
There will still be some restrictions in place in order to comply with official guidelines for operations at Level 2 for the health and safety of our staff, volunteers and members – so please have a read through them below.

Also this coming Monday is Queens Birthday so we will not be open – however we have decided to do our first round of POP UP classes to make up for the last week in March that we were unable to open!  Please check out our Facebook page for POP UP details!

Standard timetable below with any minor changes highlighted:

Level 2 Updated - Temporary changes:

  *   Entry will be via reception as usual – but after class you will exit via the side door directly into the carpark
  *   Each time upon arrival you (or your child / children) will be ticked in for class for contact tracing – please be patient with us (:
  *   During Level 2 the showers will not be available to Proactive members (unless you are a gym member and can access them via your gym pass)
  *   Proactive will have the use of the first two toilets (we are required to separate off bathroom facilities in shared business scenarios to allow for accurate contact tracing if required)
  *   This will mean the changing rooms are unavailable during Level 2 as they will be in the Affinity section – apologies for any inconvenience, but we have to follow Health and Safety measures
  *   Please bring your own clearly named drink bottle as our water fountain will also be out of action during Level 2
  *   The children's play area will be temporarily removed

  *   Tiny Tigers, Muay Thai Mini’s and Minors must have a parent or guardian attend class with them – please be prepared to be on the floor with your child if required and you must register for contact tracing at reception upon arrival
  *   Tigers – we are happy to welcome back 1 parent or guardian for this class – however all other classes are still no spectators for now – please bring your child / children into reception to sign them in and then return to your vehicle - once class finishes we will bring them out the side door to meet you – we will of course stay with them until you collect them.   Please remember this is only temporary, please bear with us (:

  *   Training mats have been marked for safe distancing

Everyone at Proactive must Play it Safe under Level 2 - this means:

  *   If you or members of your household are unwell – please stay home
  *   Bring your own gloves, shin pads – no sharing
  *   Please attend each training session in a clean uniform with sanitised gear
  *   Bring your own clearly named drink bottle
  *   We will be following maximum occupancy limits in accordance with latest government advice –please bear with us (:
  *   All members, will be required to sanitise their hands upon arrival
  *   All members will be required to sanitise their hands before and after using equipment
  *   We will continue with our thorough cleaning regime

We know many of you are going to be keen to catch up with your training buddies and friends – please be mindful of physical distancing and please exit the facility promptly after your class has finished to allow space for the next class coming in.

Once again a massive thank you for your support – by coming back, offering to help, sending messages of support, offering to pay a bit more to help the club or someone who is struggling financially – we really appreciate it and we promise we will pay this kindness forward when we can. We also realise that not everyone is comfortable returning yet – we really do understand that you must do what is right for you and your family.  This situation has been tough for many and may become tough for many more – please communicate with us, we really don’t want to see our valued members struggling when training could help.
Stay safe and see you soon (:
Nigel, Anna and Axton

Update: 07/04/2020 2:30pm


Hi to all our Proactive Family Members

We are certainly going through challenging times and send each and every one of you our best wishes.

We invite you to join both our Proactive Martial Arts facebook pages (1 open and 1 closed), so you can be updated as soon as possible on any relevant news, motivation, training options, activities and ideas.  Links to both are listed below:

- Proactive Martial Arts Open Site:  (You just need to LIKE this page)

- Proactive Martial Arts Closed Site:  (you can JOIN this group)            

You will need to click on JOIN GROUP, to make it easier for us to identify actual members please answer the question/s when prompted – if you are a parent /
caregiver of a child who trains then please list their name.  If you use a different name for Facebook security then please list your actual name.

If you don't have access to Facebook can you please advise the best email to contact you on.

Anything you would like to share to lift people's spirits would be greatly appreciated as there will be many missing their friends in our Proactive family – you can post directly to the closed site once you are a member (:

Some of you may already be enjoying the Kru Chang and Nak Muay Bear Muay Thai family challenges that Kate is posting most days, we will be adding some more challenges and activities for our kids and teens to keep them motivated and active during this lock down period.

There is also an option to pay $15 for April and join our on-line training group – if you would like to do this or receive more information then please email Nigel on the below link.

If you have any questions or requests please ask.

Here are the best email addresses to contact us on over this time ([email protected] and [email protected] are not currently accessible)

Ø  Nigel    [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

Ø  Anna    [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

Ø  Maree [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

Ø  Sheryl  [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

If you have any questions or requests please ask.

If any of you are missing Nigels jokes or live performances - just let us know, I’m sure we can arrange some 😉

Missing you all - stay safe, we are looking forward to seeing you all on the other side!

Nigel, Anna, Axton, Maree, Sheryl, Nora and Maddi

Update: 23/03/2020 3:00pm


Due to Government restrictions All proactive clubs are now closed until it is safe for us to reopen. Please pause your April payments and pre-paid memberships will be extended. Thank you for being patient and working with us during this time. Take care, we will miss seeing you all !

Update: 23/03/2020 12:00pm


So we can complete a risk analysis and implement a strategy change at Proactive Riccarton, there will be NO CLASSES on Monday 23 March

Our Shop and Reception will be open

We hope to commence classes on


with slightly different times to allow for a gap between classes
 - a social distancing strategy
- adjusted training methodologies
We need to do everything we can to keep everyone safe
We have always done our best to remain open during difficult times for those that wish to continue to train for both mental and physical wellbeing and to be a home away from home
We will review the situation on a daily basis and post updates on our Facebook pages
We understand that everyone needs to do what is best for themselves and their loved ones – us included
You are all part of our Proactive Family – please take care
Much love – Nigel, Anna and Axton