Proactive Life Skills for Schools


This programme is designed to meet the needs of students by helping them learn positive life skills and to educate them so they are able to make positive, healthy physical and physiological choices.

Aims & Objectives

Areas covered include self-confidence, self-control, listening skills, positive thinking, respect and good manners – along with the ability to focus attention, perseverance and courage.  We can adapt the sessions as necessary to suit the needs and responses of students and teachers.


Physical activities similar to those used in the martial arts serve as a vehicle to instil these values and skills that children can put to use both inside and outside the school environment.  These activities incorporate aspects of martial arts including stretching, balance and exercises based on focus and concentration without the use of punching and kicking. Demonstrations and role modelling to inspire what is achievable through using these skills. Participation through role playing to engage possible outcomes and to provide solutions. All drills developed in this programme are designed to be fun games to engage the children but have a very serious side to them so children are also educated at the same time.

  • Breathing – Controlling the inner self
  • Focus – Developing laser beam Black Belt focus – the ability to focus on something no matter what distractions are around you
  • Concentration – The ability to complete tasks and goals in any environment
  • Nutrition – Knowing the difference and making the correct choice when it comes to food and drink for a health body and a healthy mind
  • Self-Discipline – Making choices which have the best outcome for the long term
  • Teamwork – Helping everybody to achieve their full potential
  • Leadership – Taking charge when required
  • Conflict Resolution – Having the skills to be able and wanting to defuse and walk away
  • Self-Defence – Bully Basics to solve all unwarranted physical contact
  • Fitness – Fitness fun to engage the body and mind for life
  • Communication – Putting your thoughts across in a positive manner while considering others
  • Self-Esteem – Feeling good about one’s self
  • Emotions Management – Understanding and being in control ones emotions
  • Goal Setting – Setting realistic and important goals and achieving them
  • Empathy – Relating to others and their needs

Classes can be run over 5 – 6 weekly sessions covering all topics or as a one off class on 1 or 2 specific topics.

These are just some of the main topics that Nigel covers in a Life Skills course, classes can be individualised to cover certain topics more in depth or other topics not listed!

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