What the program has to offer your child

Life Skills

Taking turns, managing anger, following directions, teamwork, self-esteem, attention span and a positive attitude

Kids Martial Arts Christchurch Basic Martial Arts Skills

Develop gross/fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and depth perception 

Personal Safety

What to do if they become lost, bully basics, no secrets and if in doubt – get out

What the program has to offer you as a parent

Practical applications for parent/child communication

How to encourage respect, confidence and discipline through positive reinforcement

All the classes are broken into smaller sections. This allows children to grasp every component. Their confidence increases each time something new is learned. In addition, your child will earn coloured stripes on their belts, recognizing attendance and achievement. All of our confidence-building exercises help to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Through our philosophy of positive reinforcement, and the interaction with instructors and children, your child will develop the security and confidence to accept separation from you, be more focused and attentive, and ready for the upcoming road ahead in school.

Unlike other children's activities, Proactive's Tigers get a perfect blend of fun and learning. We provide a one-of-a-kind choice for parents who wish to make sure that their child's future is one filled with confidence and success, as well as an exciting and healthy adventure along the way.

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Club Locations and Times

Riccarton / Middleton
Mt Pleasant

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