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244 Annex Road

Middleton - Christchurch

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Proactive Martial Arts is one of New Zealand’s leading professional martial arts organisations. Based in Christchurch New Zealand, we have four brunches with in Christchurch and our main brunch is over 16 thousand square feet in size making it also one of the largest full time martial arts studios in Australasia. We have promoted martial arts, self defence and fitness in Christchurch since 1990!

Here you will learn from some of the best martial artists and instructors in NZ. As a Proactive student you can study Zen Do Kai Freestyle Karate, Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing) and Weaponry. We also have extensive Children’s karate programmes designed for children’s age groups of which are also currently used in over 50 schools throughout the South Island NZ as a leading life skills course.

Proactive also runs frequent one-off seminars, including women’s self defence courses, corporate courses, guest instructor sessions and martial arts Instructor courses.


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