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What a year of constant improvement! Every week we have had changes to our Dojo in acting Proactive : )
Just in the last few weeks alone we have had new roof Fans put in for summer and you would have noticed a new car park going in on the left hand side for around 20 more cars getting ready for the growth next year. For those that don’t know some very exciting road changes that include a bridge just down the road and four lanes that will make it much easier for our south and west of the city students to get to training : )
Not to mention things like floor levelling, new heating, cross fit area, relining walls, new shop fit out, new water fountains wow the list just goes on to much for here!
Now just because our Christmas break starts on the 24th Dec doesn’t mean we stop improving, actually know we use this time to get some jobs done that we couldn’t do while training was on so look forward to some new big training tools when you get back on the 5th January 2015.
So 2015 will still be all go with improvements, with two major projects on the books already for January / February given the go ahead and three other smaller projects in the pipe line.
This is all on top of seminars, grading’s, camps, etc
So thank you everybody for your support in 2014 and have a safe and fun Christmas and New Year break!

Many of the Proactive members have been asking for it so we have built a larger warm up area in the gym which is matted with grappling mats and we have punching / Kick bags going in this week. Also a new cross fit machine which will be great for full body work outs : )