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One of many seminars that will be hosted at Proactive in 2014. 

John Wayne Parr


12th April


As of the 11th January first Saturday back we have added another Zen Do Kai class (Freestyle martial Arts) it will be at 10:30am. This will be an adult and teenagers class!


As we have started MMA  on a Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:10pm it is free this week for Proactive members :)

More MMA classes start in 2014. Also keep an eye out for guest instructors ???

These classes are for skill only at this stage, till we get the cage in then more classes :)







  1. Last day for 2013 will be 21 December!
    We start back up on the 11 January!

For those that want to keep training during the Christmas break, the gym (Affinity Fitness) will be open during this time and you can purchase a key tag during normal business hours : ) The office will also be closed during the above dates so you need to get your key tag before 21st December.

2014 is going to be a big year for Proactive with many things already organised now we are getting back on track since the 2011 earthquakes and dojo moves etc.
Just a little taste of things coming 2014 :

John Wayne Parr seminar (10x world champion) 12th April Christchurch seminar.
Thailand Tour

MMA Classes
BJJ classes
And so much more !!!!!!

Second Dojo being built !

Make sure you get a new timetable before the end of the year as the second Dojo will be open in 2014 at Riccarton and we will be starting many new classes : )