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Thank you to everybody who turned up to the Level one Instructors course yesterday. With over thirty on the floor for our first one we are on our way to improving every bodies experience with martial arts.

We have booked in another Level One course on Sunday 26th February at 9:30am. Remember you have to complete a couple of level one courses first and pass the test before you get your certificate for that level. We will also be having our first Level Two course on 26th February starting at 11:15am.

You can only participate in a level two course when you have at least attended a level one course this year. You do not have to of passed the level one course yet to attend a level two : )

These courses are a new hands on format and have been upgraded from any previous courses I have run in the past.

Exciting things are planned for members of PUNCH this year with a training trip to Thailand already being planned for August. If you want to be part of this non-profit group ask at your local Proactive Club or phone 3434-001  There are many benefits like subsidies for trips etc.

To teach is to learn twice.

Our first level 1 Assistant Instructor course will be held on 28 January at 2pm at Sockburn. Anyone who currently teaches or helps out or thinks they might like to teach in the future is welcome to participate. You need to wear normal training gear and bring pen and paper.

We want to kick off the New Year with a bang and make aspecial offer to all the parents of our Tiger, Panther and Xtreme students. To all the Mums & Dads of children who return to training and continue to pay standard fees in January (we will be open from today Monday the 9th) we would like to offer you FREE training for the
whole month January!

You will be welcome to register for any Freestyle Martial Arts, beginner Kick Boxing, or Boxing Fitness classes at no cost for the whole month of January 2012.  You don’t have to be super fit to give this a go, just jump in there and see what you think. All our classes cater for beginners and we would love to have you join us on the house!

If you would prefer to bring a friend along instead of your partner then we can enclose a couple of free lesson cards so they can come and try a couple of classes for free with you.

If you have any questions please ask, or phone 3434001

Best Regards

The Proactive Team

Ph (03) 3666000 / 027 4333 543

Email: info@selfdefence.co.nz

Well happy New Year to everybody and I hope everybody has
had a fantastic Christmas break.

We start back on Monday the 9th January and we
have a few time changes at Sockburn with the introduction of some new classes
for 2012 : ) you can check times on the timetable page. The major one will be
MMA now starting at 7:50pm as of Monday the 9th. This will give us
the opportunity to stay longer as know body will be after us.