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Proactive Muay Thai Kickboxing - Fast, effective self-defence and fitness taught in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Train at your own pace and intensity level - Increase your stamina, strength and flexibility while learning authentic Muay Thai skills to music. Grading and competing an option.  The classes are perfect to build fitness and lose weight. The classes consist of effective pad workouts that will make you work and enjoy it at the same time.

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What style of Kickboxing?

The style of Muay Thai we train in was brought over from Thailand by Bob Jones. Our training is of Thai kickboxing origins and western style boxing methods, but our methodology and ideology is universal. We incorporate the latest up-to-date training methods from around the world to give you a comprehensive and practical system for kickboxing. Muay Thai is one of the most devastating fighting systems in the world. Thai boxing as it is known, originated over 1,000 years ago, and has evolved from military origins into the popular international sport it is today. 

Many people enter the sport for different reasons, and while some will carry on the tradition, others appreciate the sport mainly as a way of getting into shape, learning self-defence and understanding a different culture. The use of boxing, kicking, elbowing and kneeing makes Muay Thai incredibly effective as a street self defence art, and a practical part of mixed martial arts cross training.

How will it help you?

The first thing you will notice when you begin training is the physical conditioning aspect. Over a short period, regular training will greatly increase your aerobic fitness, lower your heart rate, improve your circulation, strengthen major body muscles and reduce excess weight. Making you feel alive, fit and healthy in a  friendly and safe environment.

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What's covered in class? 

Classes consist of fitness work, defensive drills, ring craft, fight training, speed development, some grappling with strength and conditioning work. Our classes are designed to give students a goal to work towards and a sense of achievement by preparing students for grading, if they choose to. Beginners - Intermediates - Training Camps - Tournaments - Personal Training  Kickboxing clubs:

Club Locations and Times

Riccarton / Middleton
Mt Pleasant

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